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   Book Launch

My book 'Japanese Woodcut : Traditional Techniques and Contemporary Practice was published by Crowood Press in January. My book launch took place at Morley Gallery.

Collaborative Stab Bound Book

'Seasons' was made by myself and students from my Advanced Japanese Woodcut class. Inspired by Miho Kawase, using hand ground sumi ink and Gampi papers.

International Mokuhanga Conference, Echizen, Japan

I attended the 2024 IMC in Echizen, Japan. My work 'Under the Bridge' was selected for the Juried Exhibition and I showed my work in the Open Portfolio. I participated in workshops including traditional paper making in a village where they have been making paper for 1500 years. I also made sumi ink sticks in Nara and attended lectures from master printers of Mokuhanga from around the world.

Participants at the IMC in front of the Imadate Hall, Echizen

'Under the Bridge' selected for the Juried Exhibition

Open Portfolio

At Nara visiting the traditional sumi ink manufacturing places.

Making paper using kozo, neri and a sugeta.

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