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Elected Associate member of RE, 'Asemic Writing' and 'Gray' exhibited at Bankside Gallery RE Original Prints 2021

News 2021-2022
Royal Society of Painter Printmakers


Elected member of the Printmaker's Council

Asemic Writing exhibited at The Natural World online exhibition, winner of the Printmaker's Council Award

Two Interviews on Morley Radio talking about Japanese Woodcut and my art practice

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The Arts Society

In July I became an accredited lecturer for The Arts Society.

Lumen Residency at St Johns, Bethnal Green

This was a site specific residency and exhibition in the crypt of the Sir John Soane grade I listed church of St John in Bethnal Green.The installation was inspired by the two women Elizabeth and Mary Jennery who are still buried in the crypt and who died in 1848. This was a period of great change in London when there was for the first time more people living in the city than the country and disease particularly tuberculosis was rife.

Wisteria funereal wreath

My local park has a wisteria tree planted in 1848 the year Elizabeth and Mary died. It is a symbol of long life in Japan.

Spine wreath

The bones of a tubercular spine, scarred and distorted forming a wreath.

Writ on Water

Writ on water was carved on the poet John Keats' tombstone.

Sumi ink on Kozo paper


A reduction Japanese Woodcut of light on water and shadows of an overhanging bank. Sumi ink and watercolour pigment on Hosho paper


One of two experimental prints exploring natural forms.

Sumi ink and caligo ink on Shoji natural paper


IA reduction Japanese woodcut showing light passing through blinds.

Sumi ink on folded Hosho paper

Mirror to Nature

A  series of 12 digital images taken over the period of the residency of a discarded mirror on the street disintegrating day by day. Foucault called the uncanniness of mirrors heterotopia or a placeless place, simultaneously real, relating with the real space surrounding it, and unreal, creating a virtual image.

Printed on Awagami Kozo printer paper


A collaborative book made with Caroline Areskog Jones printed by Aldgate Press


Dappled Light


A series of reduction mokuhanga prints based on walks through the woods in summer.

Above Us


Only Sky


These prints are made up of ten layers of fine cutting called itabokashi. They are reduction prints with each layer building a subtle shade darker than the previous one. I wanted to experiment with soft graduations of tone to evoke light and shade, using woodcut.

Morley College Stab-bound book

Collaborative stab-bound book with my Advanced Japanese Woodcut students at Morley College.  Prints were made using the traditional hanshita method of transferring brush line drawings onto woodblocks. Printed on Inbe paper with sumi ink.

International Mokuhanga Print Conference

I took part in the 4th International Mokuhanga Print Conference in Nara Japan. Unfortunately due to Covid restrictions most of the Conference was held online. It took place over three days, and three time zones worldwide, with participants from Australia, Finland, USA, Russia, UK, Italy and Japan. I presented my paper "Mokuhanga and the Sense of Touch" and had my prints represented in both the Open Portfolio and the Juried Exhibition in Japan. 

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